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Champagne Region Day Trip From Paris, Visit The Mumm Cellars What To Do In Paris And Where To Stay

Visit the Mumm Cellars

A wonderful day trip while visiting Paris is Reims which is a city ripe with history and the home for the coronation of 25 kings at Notre-Dame de Reims, the Gothic cathedral. Visitors should note the gabled porches, the windows above the doorways and the royal statue gallery located on the third story. Of particular note is the Chagall window. The churchs bell weighs 11 ton and is nicknamed Charlotte. The church features many statues along its exterior. The oldest of these is called Visitation and was sculpted in about 1230. It is located near the central portal of the west faade of the building and is the heads of Mary and Elizabeth. Other statues on the outside of the building include Annunciation, Presentation in the Temple; Presentation, figure of Joseph; and Communion of the Knight. All date from 1240 to 1260.

Visitors to the city will be fascinated by the art deco features that are everywhere. There are many art deco features such as geometric reliefs, ironwork motifs, and rounded corners found on the many concrete buildings.

Those on the day trip will next visit the Mumm Cellars. This cellar is one of the largest producers of champagne and was started by Jacobus, Gottlieb and Phillip Mumm along with G. Heuser and Friedrich Giesler on March 1, 1827. Reims is the home of the famous Foujita chapel which was designed by Lonard Foujita. The chapel is seen as a world famous example of art deco style. From this partnership comes the rose that is seen on the cap of all Mumm products. Geusts will be able to sample the Mumm Houses Cordon Rouge champagne, the official champagne of the Court of England and is known for its balance and intensity.

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Kerala Tours A Holiday With Mother Nature

Kerala has been recognized as one of the best tourist spots in India by National Geographic. Its demography and varied cultural background is a perfect blend for an ideal holiday destination. Kerala tours usually encompass visits to its lush hill stations, religious sites, lovely beaches, heritage, and Cultural sites etc. Kerala has also been accredited as Venice of the East and Gods’ Own Country.

Venice of the East is abundant with quaint picturesque beauty, a prosperous culture and very rich tradition. You can enjoy a number of packages there, ranging from Discovery tours, Holiday tours, activity tours, beach holidays, cuisine tours etc. It is a majestic place, a site of grandeur and spirituality. There are amazing Kerala Hotels as well catering to both small and big budget holidays. Thus, a tour there is fairly affordable, considering it will give you the experience of a lifetime. No wonder tourism is flourishing with more and more foreigners visiting the city every year.

Kerala Holidays must encompass tours to popular destinations like Trivandrum, Alappuzha, Thekkady, Munnar and Palakkad. They are popular because of their rich cultural heritage and availability of different mind blowing activities and attractions suitable for all ages. You should contact your local Kerala Travel Centre for more information. It will also give you information about the various resorts and hotels.

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Three Good Reasons To Buy Personalized Holiday Ornaments

Christmas is a busy season, and it seems that each and every year we add yet more individuals to our Christmas lists. You have to purchase gift items which are thoughtful as well as festive, but with the amount of individuals to buy for you can easily go way beyond your budget . Shopping for individualized holiday ornaments through Ornaments With Love for close friends and family is a fantastic way to buy presents with significance while sticking to your budget. Heres why:

Reason #1 – A Personalized Touch
All of us have had the experience of receiving one of those generic Christmas presents from somebody. Sometimes its a gift card; sometimes one of those gift sets for men or women — fragrance sets or aftershave kits. Even though some of these might even be very pricey, they dont offer the receiver the impression that much personal consideration went into their choosing. With a customized holiday ornament, they’re going to know you thought of them, and them only, when you chose their gift. Not only will it be adorned with their name or nickname, but you can even choose a good ornament that catches their persona, hobbies and interests, favorite teams, sports activities, pets plus much more! Its among the most heartfelt presents you could give, because the whole gift revolves around the things they adore.

Reason #2 – Top quality, but Budget Friendly

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Tricky TicketsTrip-hop’s poster boy is back on tour

are now available and can be bought or sold online at

In the early and mid–90s, you couldn’t avoid Tricky. The British rapper blended dark electronic music with his signature rhymes, becoming one of the biggest names in the then-emerging trip-hop scene. Today, Tricky has a dearth of impressive records under his belt, a new one coming out (Knowle West Boy) and Tricky tickets are selling fast.

Tricky, better known to his family as Adrian Thaws, was born in Knowle West, Bristol, Avon, England, gigging around in the hip-hop scene before joining the Wild Bunch, which eventually became the much better known Massive Attack. In the -90s, electronica began to take off in the mainstream, with raves, techno and bands like Primal Scream setting the stage in England for the underground to break out into the commercial world. Massive Attack virtually launched the trip-hop genre, along with bands like Portishead. The signature sound was dark, murky electronic music that had a druggy, or “trippy,” feel to it.

After Massive Attack became big with its debut album, Blue Lines, Tricky started issuing singles on his own, eventually releasing a solo debut in 1995. Maxinquaye is still hailed as a triumph for the hip-hop artist, featuring influences from the alt-rock and club world as much as from jazzy hip-hop. The record was very well received, both critically and among the general public, who showed their support by entering the record to number two on the British charts with almost no radio play. At a time when the alternative music scenes were beginning to join the ranks of major commercial artists, it was a surprising turn, proving that music that was infused with true artistic talent didn’t have to languish in cult appreciation without ever being embraced by the mainstream.

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Lombok Holiday-Jeeva Klui Resort Lombok,Klui Beach

Why chose a Lombok Holiday?

Lombok is an island of Indonesia and it lies just south of the equator and 25 miles to the east of the popular tourist Island of Bali. True to its tropical location, daytime temperatures average between 27-32 C (80-90 F) making for warm tropical days and balmy tropical nights.

One of the main drawcards to the Island is its natural state. With pristine sandy beaches, glorious surf breaks and fabulous inland scenery that includes waterfalls and a volcano, a Lombok holiday is certainly a great vacation option for travellers seeking an unspoilt environment. Many travellers say that visiting Lombok holds the same charm as visiting Bali had 25 years ago.

When planning a Lombok holiday it is helpful to know that the Island has quite defined areas to stay, depending on the type of holiday experience you are looking for. In general:

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