Champagne Region Day Trip From Paris, Visit The Mumm Cellars What To Do In Paris And Where To Stay

Visit the Mumm Cellars

A wonderful day trip while visiting Paris is Reims which is a city ripe with history and the home for the coronation of 25 kings at Notre-Dame de Reims, the Gothic cathedral. Visitors should note the gabled porches, the windows above the doorways and the royal statue gallery located on the third story. Of particular note is the Chagall window. The churchs bell weighs 11 ton and is nicknamed Charlotte. The church features many statues along its exterior. The oldest of these is called Visitation and was sculpted in about 1230. It is located near the central portal of the west faade of the building and is the heads of Mary and Elizabeth. Other statues on the outside of the building include Annunciation, Presentation in the Temple; Presentation, figure of Joseph; and Communion of the Knight. All date from 1240 to 1260.

Visitors to the city will be fascinated by the art deco features that are everywhere. There are many art deco features such as geometric reliefs, ironwork motifs, and rounded corners found on the many concrete buildings.

Those on the day trip will next visit the Mumm Cellars. This cellar is one of the largest producers of champagne and was started by Jacobus, Gottlieb and Phillip Mumm along with G. Heuser and Friedrich Giesler on March 1, 1827. Reims is the home of the famous Foujita chapel which was designed by Lonard Foujita. The chapel is seen as a world famous example of art deco style. From this partnership comes the rose that is seen on the cap of all Mumm products. Geusts will be able to sample the Mumm Houses Cordon Rouge champagne, the official champagne of the Court of England and is known for its balance and intensity.

After lunch the tour continues with a trip to Epernay where visitors will be on the Avenue de Champagne said to be the richest street in the world because millions of bottles of champagne stored under it. Those on the tour will have the opportunity to visit Moet & Chandon, the supplier of champagne to Queen Elizabeth II. This producer was started by Claude Moet in 1743. Visitors will have a chance to sample this world famous champagne.

Those on this trip will then return to Paris with wonderful memories of seeing Notre-Dame de Reims, and champagne producers Mumm and Moet & Chandon.

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