Popular Travel Agencies Of The World

A travel agency is a kind of retail business, which sells travel related services and products to customers on behalf of supplier, such as package holidays, sightseeing tours, railways, hotels, cruise lines, car rentals, and airlines that combine various different kind of products.

Travel agencies consists of separate departments which are explicitly devoted for making travel arrangements for business travelers while there are other agencies which specializes in commercial travels only. Cox and Kings is the British company which is the oldest travel agency in the world. The other British travel agencies were Co-operative Wholesale Society, Polytechnic Touring Association and Dean and Dawson.

Brownell Travel is the oldest travel agency in North America. With the rapid development of commercial aviation, travel agencies became more commonplace than ever before. The necessary attribute which any travel agent must possesses include, impartial travel advice to the customer and fulfilling all the needs are requirement of the visitor. However, this function is almost lacking when the customer choose their holiday from printed brochures and, subsequently book it form the counter.

Most of the work on the commission basis; it means that they take compensation from tour operators, sightseeing tours, railways, hotels, cruise lines, car rentals and airlines in a form of a commission from their bookings. In UK there are three different kind of agencies which run their operations, these are Multiples, Miniples and Independent Agencies. In the United States there are four different types of agencies such as Independent, Consortium, Regional and Mega agencies. The mega travel agencies include AAA (American Automobile Association) and American Express.

With the revolution in internet technology, a number of online travel agencies had made their appearance such as Hotwire.com, CheapOair, Priceline, CheapTickets, Orbitz, Travelocity, Voyages-sncf.com and Expedia. The services of the major computer reservation system companies are also used by the various travel agencies, which is also known as GDS (Global Distribution System), consisting of namely Worlspan, Galileo CRS, Amadeus CRS, and SABRE, these are permitted to book and sell car rentals, hotels, tickets, airline and various other travel related services and concerned goods. It has been also reported that a small number of companies also work with cargo ship and cargo airlines.

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