The Great Travel Destination Of Spain

Spain is one of the favorites among tourists. There is so much to see and do while in Spain that you will be thankful for making the decision to visit the country. Spain has been a great tour destination since the times of Franco, the dictator. The most celebrated kind of tourism there is sand and sun. There are many beach resorts in Spain which has facilitated the development of the country in tourism to a very great extent.

Over the decades, a lot more attractions have actually been discovered; thus today, people come for more than just the beaches. The cuisines, wines, historical as well as modern architecture, fashion, art as well as films are all part of the attractions of Spain. A lot of people tour the country every year for one reason or other.

Spain is also made popular by the existence of the best football teams. There is a lot of contention between the two major teams i.e. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is a thrill to be in this country, especially due to the popularity of the two teams.

Spain is a place where you expect to see art all over. Films and fine arts centers have been opened all over in the years. The people responsible for this are renowned and they actually organize events that attract people from all over the world. Many places have been restored and museums set up to cater for the storage of the popular art works.

In Spain, there are air connections that are regional and easy to use. The AVE high speeds are a great competition in Spain. The prices for the two are almost the same. For Barcelona and Madrid connections, the AVE is the most convenient way to travel as it is very comfortable and fast. Valencia and Madrid have great speed tracks under construction while others are already in service.

Travelling by car is also a great idea. Highway speed limits have been reduced to cut down the number of accidents that occur, especially on the highways. This has been quite effective and indeed the number of accidents in Spain has reduced drastically. The reduction of speed also saves on gasoline which is important, especially because the oil prices have been rising as provoked by upheavals in Arab states as well as Libya. It is therefore quite easy to travel safely on the roads in Spain.

In some areas, there have been intense battles to ban bullfighting while others propose that the game be recognized as a protected heritage. You may however be able to still watch a bullfight in Spain. Get advance tickets as they are highly contested.

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