Trip To The Gods Own Country

This article will take you to the historical trip to the Gods own country, Israel. It is bounded four sides by Lebanon, Syria, The River Jordan, Gaza Strip and Egypt. This Jewish country located in western Asia. The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. As it is located in the eastern end of Mediterranean Sea, Israel has the largest number of plants species per square of all the countries in Mediterranean basin. The climate is varied in Israel, especially during the winter. Jerusalem receives snow rain once in every year. The climate during the winter season will be windy, snowy and cold. It has a typical climate of cool, rainy winters and long hot summer season.

Let us see the tourist wonders of Israel further. There are lot of historical places to visit in Jerusalem and Israel. There are many biblical destinations and had proofs for the persecution and the resurrection of Christ Jesus. Israel has 50 tourist attractions in it. You should spend long time in Israel to cover all these destinations. It includes the Beersheba (Abrahams first home), Cana (Jesus Performed his first miracle at a wedding feast), Church of the Holy Sepulchre (many people believed that to be a place where the crucifixion of Christ taken place). Hence, we have to spend months and months to research about these places. Let us look into this part in another article and now we switch on to the general tourist attractions in Israel.

Israel has something for everyone. It has a variety of tourist attraction starting from snowy heights of Mt.Hermon to the Judean desert. You can visit the saltiest sea on the world here. It is called “Dead Sea”. Also you can cover many biblical cites as I mentioned before as well as a high rise metropolis on the way. Israel entertains people with its variety of tourist spots.

Most of the places in Israel are not in decades or in centuries, but they are in Millennia. Hence they won the places on the esteemed UNESCO world heritage list. Jerusalem is the highlight of tourist destination which has both historical and spiritual important. Tel Aviv is also a wonderful destination provides nice entertainments with its museums, opera, theater and dance. It has excellent restaurants with multi cuisines from all around the world. It offers quality beach time on the Ashkelons fine-grained shores, Caesarea beach, Tiberias and the Kinneret. Taking an under water tour on the Caesarea beach is just awesome. You will be amazed to see the Roman antiquities under the sea.

Red Sea encountered a very specific historical and spiritual moments. It is the sea of Corals and Exoiting fish waits. The Desert Cliffs provides wonderful adventure challenges of hiking and diving. Any time is suitable to travel to Israel and sense the beauty of History.

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